STORM 37 is one of the larger models in the LINETEC range of sophisticated, suspended luminaire systems. It is a high impact model which is perfect as an architectural feature or to provide light when and where you need it in general applications. Used in a professional boardroom environment, STORM 37 takes pride of place and is sure to provoke interest and comment.

A sleek, high powered solution STORM 37 is designed with both up and down lighting to provide a complete lighting system. It is available with optional down light modules for situations where glare-free illumination is vital.

As with most of the LINETEC range, STORM 37 is available in aluminium, black or white powder-coat; or to work with an existing colour scheme, it is also available in a custom colour. Speak with one of our agents for more information on custom colour options.


W156mm × H37.6mm