Introducing LINETEC: a premium range of complete aluminium profile systems that change the way lighting solutions are conceptualised and applied.

Designed, engineered and produced in New Zealand, our wide range of LINETEC systems provide numerous style and functionality options for your architectural lighting projects. Applications range from suspended and surface mounted to recessed lighting solutions. LINETEC systems come complete with your choice of aluminium profile, application specific accessories, and LINETEC LED and power supply drivers. They are supplied custom built and pre-assembled; saving you time and ensuring perfect, easy installation in both commercial and residential spaces.

Combining cutting edge linear LED lighting technology with a sleek, modern design style, LINETEC systems are quality built with sheer anodised architectural grade 6060 aluminium and UV resistant diffusers, making them fit to achieve maximum light output and uniformity combined with heat regulation and dissipation.

LINETEC: linear lighting technology that will launch your projects to the next level.