Suspended | Recessed | Surface


ECLIPSE 24 is an inconspicuous lighting profile specifically designed to be camouflaged when not in use. When unpowered ECLIPSE 24 has the appearance of a solid black profile or stylish trim, if recessed.
When powered up the diffuser comes to life to provide a striking line of light. ECLIPSE 24 can be suspended, surface mounted, or recessed.

Light transmission through the black diffuser is about 20–30%, therefore, higher wattage LED ribbon is recommended. For a brilliant white result use 5000–6000K LED ribbon, or alternatively, 3000K and 4000K options are also available.

  • W18.5mm × H24mm
  • Dark to light PMMA diffuser
  • Black powder-coat finish
  • Custom colour finishes available
  • Suspend, surface mount, or recess
Cable Base Surface
Cable Base Recessed
Suspension Wire with Base
ECLIPSE 24 End Cap