Linear LED lighting is a versatile, and innovative sector of luminaire design. It’s something that has been used for some time now, but as the technology develops, so do its capabilities.

Most of New Zealand lighting solutions are imported from Europe or Asia. However, at Linetec, the linear lighting range is engineered and manufactured right here in New Zealand.

“Attending the Frankfurt Lighting Fair last year, we saw that Linetec products are as good as the best in the world,” Linetec’s David Powley says. That’s due, in part, David says, to the benefits of manufacturing on site in New Zealand. “By doing this, we can ensure that exacting standards are maintained, and that we are using the highest quality materials every time.”

That quality runs throughout these cutting edge linear lighting solutions, right through to even the surface finishes.
“Most extruded aluminum products, because of the process of extrusion, are left with dye marks on the faces of the profile. We mitigate that by bead blasting, which is similar to sandblasting except gentler, to create an almost sheer, satin finish” David says


Linetec offers this finish as part of their standard range and also include black or white powdercoat finishes. This isn’t the limit though, Linetec can manufacture their profile with any powder coating colour available locally.

Creating the perfect linear lighting solution is all about the detail, and it’s an area Linetec is focused on. The end caps, for example, are each individually CNC machined.

Another benefit of manufacturing on shore is the ability to customise products to any requirements.


“Often the European imported products have set lengths that you need to stick to, but we can cut to any size under four metres, and if it is over four metres, we have the capability to join two profile sections together to create larger options.”

Linetec allows designers to be creative with the use of linear lighting technology, “We have the ability to cut and join at angles, so we can create almost any shape imaginable, for example; a hexagon, a zig-zag, or a triangle.”

Storm 37 lighting shown over boardroom table


The completed lighting system can incorporate direct or indirect lighting, various light colour temperatures with high colour rendering values and low-glare diffuser options making it a truly versatile product.

“In residential applications, this technology is used extensively, from within cabinets, in kitchens or bathrooms, through to general lighting in living spaces. But its uses are vast across industrial and commercial applications as well. It’s a technology and lighting system that can be used everywhere from a kitchen design through to a full commercial fitout.”

Linetec launched in New Zealand this month and is available from and supported by Bright Light. Linetec works closely with architects and designers with an in-house design team available to develop custom and bespoke solutions.