Looking for something fresh, exciting and vibrant, Gaze Commercial approached LINETEC for suspended hexagon light fittings to spice up the new office layout for Grant Thornton in Christchurch.

This design breaks the mould and goes for a fresh and fun style. These stunning hexagon shaped luminaires were developed with STRAIT 35.  To make them even more distinctive, the luminaires were supplied in matt black powder-coat which provides a bold, modern look and contrasts vividly against the white ceiling and light illumination.

Always prepared to develop custom designs, LINETEC created the bespoke lights and, with a bit of ingenuity, were able to provide an outstanding result. Gaze Commercial suspended the lights in trio sets and solo, to create a dynamic and interesting space; and the theme was mirrored by the carpet which also has a hexagon pattern flowing through it.


W18.5mm × H35mm