The design possibilities of linear LED lighting are vast. Here’s five creative design ideas to create the perfect mix of illumination and stylish ambience in the home.

Customised light is becoming the norm and the possibilities are vast, with current trends including geometric or angular lighting configurations, custom colour finishes and bespoke lighting pieces which create a point of difference. Here’s five top linear lighting design ideas:

1. Geometric Lighting

Customised geometric installations are a popular installation in many homes. “Designed to create a bold statement, lighting profiles in formats from hexagons to triangular formations are a sought-after design addition,” Linetec’s David Powley says. “Because we’re able to customise and create bespoke designs, the possibilities are endless in terms of design.”

2. Zig-zag Lighting

Like geometric installations, zig-zag lighting is popular at the moment, particularly for contemporary kitchen and living spaces, David says. “Using a combination of straight lines and joins, we can create a huge range of shapes to suit any design installation. A zig-zag configuration is also great for leading the eye through a space, and works brilliantly for irregular shaped offices where a visually continuous length of profile lighting can wrap around corners and follow the shape of the building.”

3. Cantilever Style Linear Light

Creating a dynamic lighting feature can be achieved with a partially surface-mounted and partially suspended linear light installation appearing cantilevered out into space. “This is particularly effective for areas of a home where a single-level may open up into a double-height area. In these situations, a surface-mounted light may well be incredibly effective if it cantilevered out (instead of using suspension wires) at the same level into the void created by the double-height space. This creates an intriguing design element, drawing the eye into the area,” David says.

4. Black Diffuser

Linetec’s Eclipse 24 light utilises a black diffuser to create an inconspicuous lighting profile specifically designed to be camouflaged when not in use. “When unpowered, Eclipse 24 has the appearance of a solid black profile or stylish trim, if recessed,” David says.

“When powered up, the diffuser comes to life to provide a striking line of light. This model can be suspended, surface mounted or recessed and the aluminium can be custom colour-finished to create the perfect design integration.”


5. Floating Profiles

With clever design, various light installations can be created to appear as if floating in space. “That’s possible by incorporating the right accessories. For example, white accessories may be used against a white ceiling to effectively disappear into the space creating the illusion of the profile floating in space,” David says. “Our standard range of accessories are available in black, white and silver, but can be customised and colour matched to suit individual project and design requirements.”

Linetec specialises in innovative, custom and bespoke linear lighting, which is designed, engineered and produced in New Zealand using cutting edge linear LED lighting technology. Find out more about the possibilities of linear LED lighting.